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Baycox 5% is an oral anti-coccidial control suspension.


Toltrazoril 5% m/v (50mg/ ml)

Bacoxl 5% is for the control of coccidiosis in neonatal piglets. For the treatment of coccidiosis in cattle and sheep.
Directions For Use: 
Pigs: Each pig to be treated on day 3 -5 of life with a single oral dose of 0,4 ml oral suspension per kg body mass. Due to the small volumes required to treat individual piglets, use of dosing equipment with a dose accuracy of 0,1 ml is recommended. treatment during an outbreak will be of limited value for the individual piglet because of the damage to the small intestine having already occurred. Cattle: 3 ml oral suspension per 10 kg body mass. Each animal should be treated with a single oral dose. Sheep: 0,4 ml oral suspension per kg body mass. Cattle and sheep: to obtain maximum benefit, animals should be treated before the expected onset of clinical signs that is in the pre-patent period. This is best achieved in situations where the pattern of the appearance of clinical signs in young or recently introduced animals is well known and predictable.
Do not use in lactating cows producing milk for human consumption. Do not use in pregnant animals
Store in a cool, dry place below 25