The data sheets have been compiled by the manufacturer based on the registered label in the country of origin. Any country specific label variations (e.g. indications, warnings) should be obtained from the principal distribution agent in that country. Before administering any product to an animal always read the manufacturers package insert and the label on the product container. If in any doubt contact the manufacturer for advice. Fivet Animal Health holds no responsibility whatsoever for losses resulting from the incorrect administration of these product to an animal.

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An inactive, polyvalent vaccine for use in poultry.

AviPro AE Pox is a live vaccine for wing-web application in chickens.

A live vaccine for immunisation against Infectious Bursal Disease (Gumboro).

Vaccine for use in poultry, against Infectious Bronchitis.

Vaccine for the active immunization of chickens to reduce clinical disease, weight loss and acute lesions of the...

Live vaccine for use in poultry

For i/m and s/c injection of vaccines in poultry

Freeze-dried injectable vaccine for poultry.